🇺🇸 Destination Chinese is for those seeking to learn Mandarin or improve their current skills at an affordable cost without losing quality material. 🇨🇳

Destination Chinese can be used as a:

🏮 Curriculum guide for Chinese teachers in the classroom

🏮 Curriculum for homeschooled students

🏮 Online course taken on school grounds

🏮 Online course taken for individual benefits

If you are interested in having us develop a course that caters to your school’s schedule, unique situation, etc. please contact me at whitney.whitechinese@gmail.com


  • You can receive high school credit by taking this course. Contact us for more information at whitney.whitechinese@gmail.com
  • Chinese 2 available starting September 2019 🎉featuring my first ever Chinese teacher, Cindy Chen

  • Individual Learner: Chinese 1

    13 Lessons $50.00

    Individual Learner: Chinese 1 is an introduction to the Chinese language and culture for beginners including the basics, greetings, introducing yourself, cultural tidbits, practice worksheets, quizzes, and much more. This course is primarily set-up for individuals seeking to learn Chinese or improve their current skills.

    Preview this course - (2 preview lessons)

  • Individual Learner: Chinese 2

    18 Lessons $50.00

    Individual Learner: Chinese 2 includes the topics of time, food & drink, holidays, pronouns, adjectives, cultural tidbits, practice worksheets, and much more. This course is primarily set-up for individuals seeking to learn Chinese or improve their current skills.

What grade levels can successfully accomplish these courses? 
We can always accommodate to personal requests, but generally speaking these courses are best for 3rd grade and up. 
Once you purchase the course, do you have lifetime access?
Yes, you can always benefit from reviewing! 
How did you come up with your slogan? 
My dad always told me “Just try your best, that’s all we can ask of you. Your best is always good enough.” This simple statement gave me so much comfort and courage in school. When my dad passed away I thought his encouragement should continue to be shared with others. 
What’s your business goal for the future?
We are currently working on getting a Destination Spanish and ESL program launched in the near future, as well as adding a Chinese 3 course. My overall goal is to always have these courses improving, and work to receive positive feedback from our customers. 
Is there a certificate you earn at the end of each course? 
There absolutely is a certificate granted at the end of each course!