Beginner Chinese

Beginner Chinese

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Learn about Ms. White’s journey of learning Chinese in the video above.  Beginner Chinese is an introduction to the Chinese language and culture for beginners including the basics, greetings, introducing yourself, cultural tidbits, practice worksheets, quizzes, and much more.


Learning Chinese is Interesting, Valuable, and Fun

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Learn about the differences between Mandarin and Cantonese as well as traditional and simplified characters. Be introduced to all the reasons you SHOULD learn Chinese! Finally get a glimpse of how this course is set-up.

Introduction to Pinyin

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Learn about how Zhou Youguang created the pinyin system we use today in the Chinese language. Understand the four aspects that you need to know in order to fully know a Chinese word. Learn how to type Chinese characters. Spend some time exploring a pinyin chart to familiarize yourself with the new concept of pinyin. Learn about the difficulty that the “r” sound in Chinese poses for English speakers.

Practicing Tones

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Learn your tones and practice as long as YOU need in order to help train your ear to hear the difference in each tone. This lesson is crucial for you to do well on your “Tones Quiz.” Happy studying!


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Understand what radicals are as well as be introduced to many radicals in the Chinese language. Your first vocabulary list is provided as well as a method of practice.

Radicals Continued

Recognize the importance of stroke order when writing characters and take on your first opportunity to practice writing Chinese characters!

Radicals Test

A fifteen question test on radicals vocabulary from the two previous lessons.


Learn useful greeting phrases as well as be introduced to the historical famine in China from 1959 to 1961. See how the president of China, Mao Zedong, played a role in China’s famine.

Introducing Yourself

Learn the culture behind introducing yourself in Chinese as well as a new set of vocabulary words. Understand the “Two Third Tones Grammar Rule” and how to apply it in your speaking.


See how important it is for those in China to learn English, and how that effects their lives. Go over your “Nationality Vocabulary List” in detail as well as learn about the “Two Fourth Tones Grammar Rule.”